Our Teacher - Jennica Hills


I am known as Miss Jennica to my students. I was born and raised in Maui, HI, a place that fostered within me a sense of wonder in the world from a very early age. In many ways this environment lead to my decision to become a teacher, as watching children expand their knowledge, even in the most simple of ways, is so fulfilling to me. I moved to the mainland for college, earning a BA in Liberal and Civic Studies, a Minor in Studio Art, and a MA in Education. I worked as a preschool teacher in San Diego, CA, before moving to Milwaukie in 2015. I continued to hone my teaching skills in our new location by working as a substitute for North Clackamas School District and the Portland Waldorf School.

I joined Milwaukie Preschool as a parent when my son started in January of 2016. I swiftly fell in love with this wonderful co-op and became very active within the school, including taking on board roles and substituting for the previous teacher. It was with great joy that I accepted the teaching position when it became available in the summer of 2018.

I strongly believe in a play-based school because it allows for a safe, non-pressure and nurturing environment for children to learn life skills such as sharing, cooperating, and forming strong bonds with other children. This sets them up with the confidence and ability to succeed in kindergarten. Early childhood education is crucial in developing and creating a child who can become a productive, caring, intelligent citizen. My greatest wish as a teacher is to ignite a spark in each of my students that will fan a love of learning for the rest of their school years and beyond.