Play to Learn

Our students pick up valuable social and educational skills and have fun doing it!

Milwaukie Preschool provides an atmostphere in which each child enhances their self-esteem, learns to be respectful of others, and is free to explore, in as many ways as possible, the world around them.

Our children learn to accept guidance from adults other than their parents. They learn that there are time to be active and times to listen.

Using a variety of approaches, students are introduced to key learning concepts and literacy readiness.

Structured play is more than random fun. Pre-literacy and writing skills are learned through fine-motor activities like painting or drawing. Sorting strengthens logical reasoning and attention to detail.

Group play develops problem-solving and social interaction skills; they learn how to work together, when to follow, and when to lead.

Through these activities, children will learn to feel good about themselves and each other. This will form skills that prepare them for kindergarten and the rest of their lives. We make learning fun so that your child's natural curiosity continues to grow.