About our Co-op

Educating children since 1968, Milwaukie Preschool serves a vital function in our community. Our parent leaders are the stewards of that tradition.

Joining a co-op preschool is a special opportunity to spend quality, focused time with your child in a nurturing environment. Your time in the classroom provides a window into your child’s world of play and learning.


Can grandparents or nannies be helpers?

Yes, so long as we have a background check on file.

Do students need to be potty-trained?

Yes, please make sure your child can use the bathroom on their own.

Do I pack a snack for my child?

Yes, please pack a snack for your child.

How often do I parent teach?

Most months 2-3 days will be adequate. A calendar is posted with available slots at the end of every month.

Can I bring my child for a pre-enrollment visit?

We encourage and welcome visitors! If you miss one of our open houses, please contact us to arrange a visit.


Classroom helper days

  • Our daily schedule allows for easy transitions throughout a fun-filled day!
  • Play at their level! Engage them with activities. You’ll spark their interest, and you'll have more fun!
  • Help develop their independence. Parts of our day are student-led, including clean-up time!
  • Bring your skill to class! Play an instrument? Know a cool science experiment? We can work that into our day!
  • Additional resources are available like our assistant guide or our training session in early Fall.

Enjoy your parent helper days. They mean the world to your child!

Parents who lead

  • Our school succeeds with YOUR involvement.
  • You are your child’s first teacher. One of the most rewarding aspects of joining a co-op is the opportunity to help shape their learning environment. Parent leaders serve their school throughout the year. Use parent resources already available and add to them as you go.
  • This is your chance to make a direct impact on shaping your child's school! Use your skills and our resources to develop a true community school.
  • We are members of the Parent/Child Preschool Organization. PCPO offers excellent training, helpful guides and assistance to parent leaders.
  • Board members guide school development. Positions include: president, registrar, fundraiser, treasurer and secretary. Never served on a board before? PCPO offers training in the spring and ongoing support.
  • Parent involvement allows us to keep costs down, which ensures affordable tuition.
  • Once all board positions are filled, there are committees and projects throughout the year that will offer you more chances to help. This includes clean-up and work days as well as our famous Breakfast with Santa FUNdraiser.

How will you serve your child, school and community?

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